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Zhejiang Jiuzhou New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is professional China Hub Motors Manufacturers and OEM/ODM Hub Motors factory, established in 2000. It is a new energy technology enterprise with driving motor and control system as the leading role, supporting the core components of the motor, and integrating R&D, production and sales. It is the only company in the industry. The core components are completely self-produced, and the motor and control system are integrated to solve the enterprise. It has the strongest R&D capability and the most complete industrial chain in the field of wholesale Hub Motors in China.
22 Years Experience
Zhejiang Jiuzhou New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

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Jiuzhou has won many praises for its strong independent research and development capabilities and excellent quality.

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    2015-2016 Wenling Consumer Trustworthy Unit
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What is Hub Motors
A hub motor is a type of electric motor that is built into the hub of a bicycle wheel. Hub motors are used in electric bikes to provide assistance to the rider when pedaling. There are two main types of hub motors: direct-drive and geared.Direct-drive hub motors are the most common type and are located in the center of the wheel. They are simple and reliable, but can be heavy and may not offer as much torque as geared hub motors.Geared hub motors are located at the end of the wheel and use a small gear reduction system to increase torque. They are lighter and more efficient than direct-drive hub motors, but may be less reliable over time due to the additional moving parts.Hub motors are popular in electric bikes because they are simple to install and maintain, and they do not require any special frame modifications. However, they may not offer as much power or torque as mid-drive motors, which are located in the center of the bike and use the bike's chain to transfer power to the rear wheel.

Advantages of Hub Motors
There are several advantages to using hub motors in electric vehicles:
1.Simplicity: Hub motors are relatively simple compared to other types of electric vehicle motors, which makes them easier to manufacture and maintain.
2.Efficiency: Hub motors are generally more efficient than other types of electric vehicle motors, which means they can go further on a single charge.
3.Weight: Hub motors are typically lighter than other types of electric vehicle motors, which can help to improve the overall performance and efficiency of the vehicle.
4.Cost: Hub motors are generally less expensive to manufacture than other types of electric vehicle motors, which can make them more affordable for consumers.
5.Versatility: Hub motors can be used in a variety of electric vehicle applications, including bicycles, scooters, and even cars.
6.Noise: Hub motors are generally quieter than other types of electric vehicle motors, which can be an advantage in certain situations.